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Test of Antistatic Packaging Bags Puncture Resistance

Antistatic is one of the matters needing attention during the production and transportation of electronic products and electronic components. The anti-static packaging bag is an important anti-static measure taken in the transportation of electrostatic sensitive products. Its principle is to form a Faraday cage induction cover effect in the bag, to isolate the electrostatic field outside the bag, the electrostatic discharge of personnel and equipment, and the influence of electromagnetic radiation on the inside, and to prevent damage to the packed products caused by electrostatic discharge. It is important to ensure the anti-static packaging bag is not break and intact so it can fully play its anti-static function. Therefore, the packaging materials should have good puncture resistance.

Test Sample

In this test, an anti-static packaging bag is used as the test sample, and the puncture strength is tested to characterize the ability of the sample to withstand external force puncture.


The test process of puncture strength of soft plastic packaging materials refers to the regulations regarding puncture strength in GB/T10004-2008 “Plastic laminated films and pouches for packaging -dry lamination and extrusion lamination”.

Test Instrument

In this test, XLW (PC) Auto tensile tester is used as the test instrument, which is independently developed and produced by Jinan Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd.

Test Principle

The puncture strength is a certain value of force required for puncturing a sample. During the test, the sample is fixed in the lower grip which remains still, the puncture needle is installed in the upper grip of the equipment, the upper grip can move up and down according to the set speed, and the load cell and displacement transducer are equipped. The upper grip drives the puncture needle to move towards the sample according to the set speed, and penetrates the sample gradually. The load cell records the value change of the force with the displacement during the puncture process in real time, so as to obtain the puncture strength and the deformation during the puncture.

Figure 1 XLW(PC) Auto Tensile Tester

Test Process

(1) Use a sampler to cut 5 specimens with a diameter of 100 mm from the surface of the sample to be tested.

(2) Install the puncture needle in the upper grip of the equipment, and take one specimen and clamp it in the lower grip.

(3) Set the parameters such as sample name, test speed and test times in the control software of the equipment, and click the “test” to start the test. The upper grip moves and penetrates the test according to the set parameters, the test is completed, and the equipment displays the test results.

(4) Replace the specimen and continue the test until all 5 samples are tested.

Test Result

Take the arithmetic mean value of the test results of five samples as the puncture strength value of the anti-static packaging bag, which is 10.876N.


Puncture resistance performance is an important performance index of anti-static packaging bag. In this paper, the puncture strength of the sample was tested by an intelligent electronic tensile testing machine to characterize its puncture resistance. The test process is simple, the equipment is easy to operate, the accuracy and repeatability is high, and the test result is accurate and reliable, which can reflect the puncture resistance of the tested samples. In addition to testing puncture strength, the equipment used in this paper can also test the tensile properties, composite fastness, heat sealing strength, tear strength and other properties of soft plastic packaging materials, which is high cost-effective equipment.

Jinan Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd is dedicated to providing customers with packaging testing solutions and helping the manufacturers to reach their goals of quality and safety assurance through improvement of packaging testing techniques and development of high-end packaging testing instruments. The newly introduced C series barrier testing systems adopting self-sensing technology revolutionarily improved the testing accuracy, efficiency and automation, realized the paradigm shift of packaging barrier testing instruments. For more information please visit

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